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Here you will find my personal quests that give my life meaning. As I have searched for purpose, it is my hope that my life becomes everything it was destined for- first for my family and then for my friends that God has been so gracious to send to me.

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The 5 Chaps

The 5 Chaps

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bloggin' Away

I have enjoyed using this blog for educational purposes. Now, what I hope to do is continue to post specifically to keep in touch with family and friends posting accomplishments of my children's work and life- and mine of course.

I would also love for my children to add to the blog to give their 2 cents. Then could invite their friends to look and comment as well!

To continue my post, here is some exciting events happening on Hope4Tomorrow!

G-man won his first flag football game! He is learning the plays well and I am sure will improve through the season. He had to be the most enthusiastic player on the field.

Lily auditioned for the church Christmas musical and got one of the lead child's roles. I am quite proud of her considering she is new there and had never auditioned for anything! I bought her a shirt that says "Future Celebrity".

And the Caboose, my 2 year old. He gave himself a haircut this week! Some of his beautiful surfer boy's locks are gone! Luckily, we are able to conceal the damage! That child keeps be busier than the other 2 put together!

But I love it and I am thankful that I am able to share the time that I have with them!