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Here you will find my personal quests that give my life meaning. As I have searched for purpose, it is my hope that my life becomes everything it was destined for- first for my family and then for my friends that God has been so gracious to send to me.

***Names and places have been changed for internet security.

The 5 Chaps

The 5 Chaps

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Seasonal Changes

I have definitely found myself in technology overload! The Read/Write Web class is very informative, but it has left my mind spinning! I now know what and can use an RSS feed, an aggregator, a blog, social bookmarking, and a wiki. I have subscribed to all of them. I think my hope will be to continue to use my bookmarks and aggregator on a regular basis and I hope that I will continue to blog beyond this class.

I really would love for this to showcase my kids and their work. Their work is my work! So we all can feel successful as we post!

This week, here are some things that we have accomplished-

1. G-man began flag football. He is so excited. He loves his coach and has some friends already on his team. I think this is going to be a great experience. He also started piano this week. He is growing up fast! He reminds me every week that he is half way to 20!

2. Lily is making strides in her reading program. We changed again, but I do believe we are going to see great progress. The program is really suited for her learning style. I have discovered that she is very kinestetic. My expectation is that we are getting ready to soar with learning!

3. And of course, our little Caboose! He is going to the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!! He doesn't have it all the way down pat, but he is getting the hang of it!

I really do love my life!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finding the Niche for my Blog

This blog is really becoming a self discovery process. What I hope to do is begin to include my world in it. If you have read my 2 previous blogs, you have already figured out that my world is all about my 3 little "Chaps!"

I plan on getting them involved with this little blogging experiment. I would like to include special excerpts from their day, the books they are reading, and the concepts they are studying. I am sure they will be excited to "publish their own records" for the world to see! At least for the world that I approve of! :0) And we, as a homeschool family, can chronicle our schooling fun as a way to remember when...

So stay tuned for more on Hope4tomorrow!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Live to Love; Love to Live!

As I create my blog, I am beginning to realize that my life right now is totally centered on my 3 growing children. Movies I watch, music I listen to, books I read, places I go are chosen as a result of these 3 incredible personalities. Surely I will move out of that phase soon enough; but right at this moment I do not want to take for granted what I have now.

Sure, I have seen High School Musical more times than I can count and the lyrics are stuck in my head when it is time to sing a cheery tune. I know every name to the engines of Thomas the Tank due to my 2 year old! And I have read most of the Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House books!

My life is for my kids for now, but that's okay. That is my assigment for life now. I live to love them so that we all will love to live! In the living, I find myself breathing a prayer-- "Let my love be patient, let my love be kind, let my love be a reflection of how my Father, God loves me."

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sitting on a Plateau

My name is Hope and I turn 34 tomorrow. I always had looked forward to my mid-years for some reason growing up. I suppose it was because I had a lot of goals I had wanted to accomplish by my mid-years-- go to college, get married, become a teacher, have a family, be a stay at home mom, own a home, etc.

Now that I am here, it seems surreal, although sometimes it has been nightmarish. Have I really accomplished what I wanted? It certainly came with its bumps. There are many unexpected turns that took place on this journey, and now I find myself looking to the future aksing God "what's next?"

Today I am sitting on a plateau not sure about what the future holds. I continue to take classes to further my education and retain my teaching certificate. As I take these classes, I am reminded how much I truly love teaching and being in the classroom.

I dedicate my everyday to my 3 fun-loving children who make me laugh at life daily. Who would I be without them? As a mother it is my responsibility to shape them, but the truth is they have impacted my life more than they will ever know. Having the opportunity to be as involved in their lives as I am is priceless.

I have a wonderful part-time venture through FOCUS Co-op. I have been able to have the best of both worlds as an educator and as a homeschool parent. I love being an educational advocate for the community offering exciting, out-of-the-box learning experiences for homeschool students. The opportunities for this type of resource center is really on a new curve for a growing community of parents and students.

I pray and inquire of the Lord of the purposes of my life. I truly want to fulfill them all. I want to come to the end of my days knowing that I didn't miss it- and that my life was full and meaningful. Tomorrow is important for me. It is a reminder to move foward no matter what is behind me-- good or bad.

So today, I sit on a plateau looking toward the future, preparing to make my move. But for now, I am going to sit on this flat-top for a bit. This plateau is about me enjoying where I am in life at this moment. And being completely satisfied right now with the good things in life I have in front of me- a loving husband, great kids, a supportive family, kind-hearted friends, and a wonderful God who has everything under control!